Gobble Wobble

Thu November 28, 2019

Bird is the Word

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Group/Team Details

Race Date Thursday November 28, 2019
Created Date Thursday November 14, 2019
Group/Team Type Clutch
Group/Team Size 3+
No. of Members 11
4 Male; 7 Female

Group Members

Name Gender Age Location
Courtney D. F 39 Sharon, PA
Vinny D. M 9 Sharon, PA
Vito D. M 7 Sharon, PA
Timia G. F 13 Sharon, PA
Santino G. M 9 Sharon, PA
Kelsey G. F 32 Sharon, PA
Molly M. F 45 Hermitage, PA
Hayden M. F 12 Hermitage, PA
Harper M. F 7 Hermitage, PA
Claire M. F 8 Hermitage, PA
JJ L. M 10 Sharon, PA